Family Visit Visa Process

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Following are the steps and procedures which are required to get Family Visit Visa.

I have divided this process into two phases.First Applying for the visa (being in Saudi Arabia) and Second is Applying for Visa Stamping from your Home Country.

Phase 1: Applying Visa


  1. Your iqama copy.
  2. Your passport copy (info page,visa page,entry page)
  3. Marriage certificate and Degree( original and arabic translation. Attested from Foreign Office of Home Country,also if you could get this attested from Saudi Embassy of Home Country that would be good)


  1. Letter from your employer describing your profession and salary.
  2. Visa Application form filled in arabic.Normally company government relation officer does this sort of stuff.(you can check with your company for this otherwise you can download this form and get this filled from any arabic literate person).
  3. Visa applicatin form should be stamped/signed by your sponsor(kafeel,company) and also you need to sign it as well.
  4. Get these documents ( pre-requisites + Letter + Visa Application Form) and make one file.
  5. Visit istihdam office in your city and apply for the visa.
  6. They will issue you a white paper which is a step 1 of the final 2 step process.
  7. Now ask your company/sponser to apply for visa in Foreig Ministry on basis of the white paper you have got.They will fill an online form and give you another print out with the application number printed on it.
  8. Final step is to collect this printout and attach the white paper you got from Istihdam office and submit it in Ministry of Foreign Affairs.(note: keep one copy of the printout with you as this contains application number which you need to track oninline your visa status after submitting with Foreign Ministry)
  9. It will take 3/5 days before the visa status will be visible online on keep checking this link ( to see status of visa.Once you see the page with all the information. Now you can start processing from your home country.

Phase 2: Processs to apply for Visa stamping from Home Country

Documents to apply for visa stamping:

  1. Visa printout from
  2. Original passport ( of the visitor)
  3. Marriage certificate (original)
  4. Return Ticket.
  5. 3 Passport size photograph with white background.

Look for any agent who (in pakistan you can apply through which will apply for visa stamping from Saudi Embassy. It will take 3/5 days to complete this process.


Khurram Shahzad


157 Responses to “Family Visit Visa Process”

  1. MASOOD Says:

    How to Applying family Visa

  2. MASOOD Says:


    • sundara raman s Says:

      Dear Mr. Khurramshahzad

      I want bring my wife to saudi arabia in permanent family visa. in my Igama my profession is Electrecian ican elegible for permanent family visa .please send me the details.

      sundara raman

  3. khurramshahzad Says:

    Dear Masood,

    Regarding Visa Fee (in case of permanent family visa) you can submit SR 2000 in Riyadh Bank either way:

    1. Online:
    For this you should have an account with Riyadh Bank.After paying online you should get a print out of the transaction to attach with your file.

    2. Visiting Riyadh Bank Branch:
    You would have to visit any Riyadh Bank branch to submit this fee and get a receipt to attach with the file.

    Hope this would help…


  4. Yasir Imran Says:

    If this is for all nationals ?

  5. QamarAzam Says:

    Dear Masood,
    I am going to call my second wife from Pakistan. My first wife was dead in road accident 6 months before. I have 2 kids one is 3 years and other is 5 years old.Both are in Pakistan and having valid visas also. Now I will also follow the same procedure as you mentioned above, means I have to pay SR-2000 for get new visa or previous visa can be transfer into new one. I really very disturb and not understand what to do. Please kindly help me in this regard. God will bless you.

    • khurramshahzad Says:

      Dear Qamar,

      I guess you would have to process this as new permanent visa and would have to pay for 2K SR for your second wife visa. (as i am not sure i will confirm and will update the reply at my earliest).

  6. QamarAzam Says:

    sorry I mentioned wrong name the above attention person was Khurram Shehzad or any one who can give me reply.

  7. Baker Says:

    Hai. Assalamu alaikum, what is the terms and condition of a holder of a labor profession in Iqama and privet service in the passport to get a visiting visa to his family. could u explain

    thanks and regards

  8. Qamar Azam Says:

    Dear Khurram Shehzad,

    Thank you very much for your reply. I will wait for your advise. You’r doing such a good job which can not be explain in words.

    Again Thank you very much and God Bless You.

  9. Baker Says:

    Dear Khurram, wassalam, could u expain what is the minimum procedure to get a saudi visiting visa for family and also the salary level.
    your rsponse will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks and regards


    • khurramshahzad Says:

      Dear Baker,

      The main criteria for any type of visa whether visit or permanent is the profession mentioned on your iqama.If you bear a labor profession on your iqama then you are not eligible to bring your family on any of visas. If you have a profession like doctor,engineer,programmer, etc with related degrees you can bring your family on any visa i.e. visit or permanant.This all is based on iqama profession and not on salary limit.If you are earning 5k or 6k SR but are on labor visa then you still cannot bring your family.
      Hope this would help..

      • Mahboob Alam Says:

        Dear Mr. Khurram,

        Asslam Alaikum,

        If possible please inform me wheather I can get family visa, my profession in Iqama is Master Baker and I have BA degree Bachelor of Art.

        Thanking u in advance

  10. Shajahan Says:

    Hello brother,
    My job is Manager of Est. i like to bring my brother family for one make to perform Umra with my family. FA will approved this anf give me visa or they regect?
    Please give my reply as soon as possible.

    Thanks. Shajahan

  11. mehmoobalimohammedkhaja Says:

    8years majrig no childern kindly help saudi goverment thankfull

  12. Yaseen Says:


    1) Know days the news is circulate that labor can bring the family on visit visa. Is that true?

    2) I want to apply for a visit visa but my iqam expiry is very near remaining one month, i will get visa or not?

  13. Mohmmed Tanveer Says:

    Dear Sir;

    I have applied for family vist visa thru internet and submited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. they told me to check thru internet the result with in one week but its above one week now how can check weather my visa is approved or not pls guide me

  14. Mohammed Tanveer Says:

    Dear Sir;

    i have applied for a vist visa for my family thru internet and submitted to the ministry of Foreign affair they received and told me to check after one week its over two week now i dint get any response from them how can i verify if its approved or not please guide me

    Your guidness will be highly appriciated.

  15. shajahan Says:


    Pls give a replay for my request. My brother applay a family visit visa on 06/04/2009 application no.1298436 Iqama no. 2125168076 . Still his application no process. Pls give a help for my matter.

    with respectfully.

  16. Mirz Kashif Says:

    i need visit visa of my sister in-law me and my wife parents are not alive so is it possible i get visit or working visa of my sister in-law she is in teaching proffession

    your prompt reply on my private email is highly appriciated


  17. N.Bhatti Says:

    Dear Brother Khurram:
    My profession is Mech. Engineer and recently I brought my wife on a permanent visa, paying 2k and she stayed here for some time and went back to Pak, with an Exit/Re-Entry Visa. Now I want to bring my two kids, I am being told that I need to pay again 2K fees. Please confirm advise of the procedure. Thanks and regards,


    I have got visa for my mother in law on 17th may. the visa no. is 1403217 and my own iqama no. is 2067147021. my mother in law lives in karachi. pl. let me know how i should proceed. HOW MUCH IS THE TIME LIMIT ? CAN U PROVIDE ME YOUR OWN TEL & MOB NOS?…..thanks & best regards

  19. hamed khan Says:

    i am working jeddah saudi arab,my iqamma is general electrician(kharabi aam)1 time i submit but rejected said,kharabi aam not issiu family permenet visa. can u halp me how i chang iqama professin?its possable?plase urgent reply.

  20. hamed khan Says:

    i have all certificate attessted,with saudi consulate in india,




  22. Fahad Says:

    what are the documents to be submitted along sponser’s letter for bringing one’s mother for visit. Do we need proof for mothers vsist visa such as birth cirtificate or B form etc

  23. Abdul raoof Says:

    sir i was working in saudi arabia since last 6 years i like to bring my family on visit my iqama is maintainance technitiom in arabi (fanni tamdidar)so pls can u advice may i get my family.and i dont have any degree certificate. Kindly reply me how to proceed for family visit visa. Thankyou very much.

  24. M.ATHAR KHAN Says:

    how can i apply visit visa for my mother in law. my family is allready live with me in saudia arabia.i didnot find visa application on mofa plz gide me in this mater.
    M.Athar Khan

  25. Shahab Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I work in Kingdom Bahrain, my brother is a doctor in Saudi Arabia in Pvt Hospital. Can he sponsor me and my wife for visit visa to Saudi. I will grateful for your advise.

  26. aamer Imtiaz Says:

    dear Khuram!!
    Assalam O Alaikam!!
    My Iqama profession is mechanical fitter but I m working as a land surveyor is it possible for me to bring my family on permanent visa what r the requirements for both permanent and visit visa plz reply as soon as possible
    Sincerely yours

    Aamer Imtiaz

  27. aamer Imtiaz Says:

    Dear Khuram
    Sorry to inform you that my salary is 5k permonth and I m senior staff member of the company

  28. Suleman Says:

    hDear Sir,

    Please let me know the procedure to bring Servant(Khaddama)on my own Iqama. I got the letter from (salary cirtificate and no objection)the company. what is the next step?

  29. Suleman Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please let me know the procedure to bring Servant(Khaddama)on my own Iqama. I got the letter (salary cirtificate including no objection to bring servant at my cost and credit)from the company. what is the next step?i.e, what are other official requirements?.


  30. aamer Imtiaz Says:

    I want visa for my family my wife and two daughters 7 and 4 years of age plz let me know that can I bring my family here on permanant basis as my iqama profession is mechanical fitter and my salary is 5k p/m and I m working as land surveyor I m senior staff member of the company.

    \Thnx Sincerely yours

    Aamer Imtiaz

  31. ABDUL RAHEEM Says:

    i would like to know what is the prosidure to change
    pprofession.iam working as purchase co-ordinater
    b but my profession is meson on iqama.pls send email on

  32. Maryam Says:

    I am currently in Saudi Arabia on a visitor’s visa that has a 90 day duration (that needs to be extended after every 30 days). Do you know if I will be able to extend the visit visa any longer? I was told that a visitor’s visa can be extended for up to a year, any help would be much appreciated.


  33. mrs hina mahmood Says:

    thank u khurram for providing these regular tips to people living in visa rules r diffent from dubai

  34. mudassir Says:

    Know days the news is circulate that labor and house driver bring the family visa is that true.

    best rgds

  35. sameer Says:

    sir my profession is House driver but iam wrking in secretry in consultancy company. i have possible for coming my family? pls ans me.

  36. Caroline magdamo Says:

    Gud morning,I’m a registerd nurse and presently working at a very good goverment hospital, my big problem is our goverment relation don’t approved any kind of request we had regarding visa application.I’m very sad because I had only one daughter and really need my pressens so can you helf me, what I will I do to my problem thank you very much.

    • khurramshahzad Says:

      Dear Caroline Magdamo,
      Not sure what to do if your employer (GR relation) is not willing to approve any kind of visa request. But please check with any one experienced here he may help you. Thanks…

  37. shabeer Says:

    dear khurram,
    i am shabeer, working as shope supervisor but my sponsor is another.for submiting family visiting visa witch salary crtificate (present employer or my original sponser) i want.

  38. shabeer Says:

    hlo sir
    i shebeer,have post graduation( my iqama auto electrition.can i apply for family visit visa?

  39. moin khan Says:


    how to bring my family on visit visa?

  40. Naveed Says:

    Asslamo Alaikum

    Dear Mr Khurram

    I m doing job as accountant in company but came here on plumber visa now i have changed my profession to accountant (Mahasib Aam) and have also gone to office with complete document for family visa but three time they said only visit visa not family visa and when i come outside of istakdam office many agent says we will give you visa in 30 minute but required money i m very disturb please help any legal way or any other good way where i can save my money also for bring my family

    Please reply in detail i will be very thankful to you.

  41. fasaludheen.t.p Says:

    i want mother visiting visa

  42. kamran Says:

    salam alaykum
    sir my profession is House driver but iam wrking in my sponser company as a computer designer. i have possible for coming my wife? pls ans me

  43. Ibrahim Khalil Says:

    Assalamu alaikum, what is the terms and condition of a holder of a lpainter profession in Iqama but I am working as a project coordinator in a big company and my basic salary is 3000 can I get a permanent visa for my family. could u explain

    Thank you

  44. Ibrahim Khalil Says:

    Assalamu alaikum, what is the terms and condition of a holder of a painter profession in Iqama but I am working as a project coordinator in a big company and my basic salary is 3000 can I get a permanent visa for my family. could u explain

  45. matif Says:

    please guide me for family visa

  46. Muhammad Aatif Says:

    please guide me for family visit visa

  47. ashraf saiba Says:

    sir my profession is Heavy driver but iam wrking in my sponser company . i have possible for coming my wife? pls ans me

  48. shakul Hameed Says:


    kindly explain me what is the minimum salery limits to get family visa in saudi arabia .

  49. fasi Says:


    i have profession with my iqama is Electronics Technician
    should this profession support for family visa?

    your reply will be highly appreciated

  50. mel Says:

    my husband got me a visa and now im applying it to my home country but the agent said i need a birth certificate is this necessary?also i have a high glucose on my fbs or blood should this be an issue to stop me from going to Saudi Arabia?
    many thanks to your comply and time

  51. Dilesh Says:


    I am currently in Riyadh on Business Visa. Can I still bring my Family on Visit Visa here.


  52. ssssashidharan Says:

    My name is Sashidharn. Me, family and childen were in the Kingdom since 1993 on family Visa. Three years back my son went to India for schooling and could not come on time to renew VISA. Therefore his VISA was cncelled. Now his age is above 21. Is it possible that I can bring him back on family visa. If so, what is the procedure. Could you help me on the subject. My email id is

  53. Bilal Says:

    Assalam-o-Alikum. Please tell me how can i get the form of visit visa.

  54. muhammad zahid Says:

    pls. let me know how can i get family visa? what kind of doc required from Pakistan and from my side i am in Saudi Arabia Riyadh what category of profession and how much min. salary must need to get family visa.
    and last Q- how to start (first step) this process?
    i will be very thankful to you for everything.

    take care

  55. sabu Says:

    the steps for visiting visa is noted ..but is it the same for permanent visa..? ’cause in the mofa website i could’nt find the application form for permanent visa or is it the same..? i would pay 2k and attch with the same application ? hpe u can help me..thanks.

    • khurramshahzad Says:

      For permanent visa it is different. First of all you need to go to istikhdam office not MOFA. also you need to submit 2k for visa fee through riyadh bank. You need your attested degrees and marriage certificate and a letter from your employer which should mentioned your salaray.

      i will write a detailed post on permanent visa procedure in a week insha Allah on my latest blog site


  56. sabu Says:

    pls email me ur answer thanks.

  57. zen Says:

    have a good day to you!

    We are here already in saudi arabia my husband and my two young kids. we’re both working here. My question is it is possible that can we bring here one of my relative to look after me to my children while we’re working. if it is possible, what can I do. Pls help me.

  58. Samuel Devadoss Says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I am palning to take Visit visa for my wife in India. you have given a clear procedure for how to proceed. Thank you. Sir, I have two questions 1. after geting the visa slip here in saudi, within how many days the visa should be stamped in the passort in India. 2. after the stamping of the visit visa in the spouse passport within how many days she has to depart from the native palce (india). What i want you to clarify is, after the stamping of visa, is there any validity or minimum/maximum days that the visa should be used(not the visa validity).

  59. syed sajid ali Says:

    I want to visa for my parents, what is the procedure.

  60. dawood Says:

    dear shahzad bhai

    first of all allah will give you best ajar insha allah for this information

    waise i have an question aleady you give about this soo any time ans. but i’m not understand bhai ke my iqama profesion is agri cultural labour & iam working as a graphic designer & i havn’t any degree or diploma . so can i bring my family on visit….

    2. is is it posible to bring adult children on visit visa because my friend he’s visa profesion is good can he bring his 22 year son on visit ……

    please please please give me this ans. please

  61. Haider Ali Says:

    i would like to bring my family for visit visa. my iqama profession mentioned as generel electrician. could i able to apply visit visa for my wife? your reply will be great help. Thanks

  62. Noura Says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I am a non saudi married to a saudi man. My husband holds dual citzenship to the US/KSA. We have submitted our paperwork and got the approval for the marriage, however, we are unable to track the status of the visa because we are in the states…we have family over there but wanted to know if there is a website or someone we could contact to track it our selves from here?

    JazakAllah Khair

  63. naseem Says:

    myself Mohamed Naseem, my iqama profession is Aluminium Technitian (fenny aluminium)…. can i have the rights for getting famil visa….

    if yes… which certificate i have to show them…am an MBA holder….

    kindly reply me……….

  64. hakeem Says:

    hi i bring my family 2kids visitng visa i want trasfer to my iqama posible

  65. waheed ahmad Says:

    my fimly heare i get avisat avesa but nine months finsh
    i need iquma

  66. aftab ahmed Says:

    i am liveing dammam.i need to family visit visa.

  67. mohammad sharif Says:

    I to call my family here . but my profession is house driver. is it possible to call my family here in visit visa? if there is any option please mail me or call me 0566719863.

  68. mohammad sharif Says:

    I want to call my family here . but my profession is house driver. is it possible to call my family here in visit visa? if there is any option please mail me or call me 0566719863.

  69. moti urrahman Says:

    thanks of this inform

  70. Naveed Says:

    Dear Mr Khurram

    I want to bring my Mother in law and sister in law my wife sister on visit visa in riyadh is it possbile if possible please reply i will be very thankful to you



  71. Naseebullah Mohammad usman Says: mother visa is issued and how i came to know how many days it have a time to entre saudi arab and issue date is given below
    visa number:2312381
    Id No:2094220221
    plz reply me i have no idea about it.tnx and Wassalam

  72. Naseebullah Mohammad usman Says: mother visa is issued and how i came to know how many days it have a time to entre saudi arab and issue date is given below
    visa number:2312381
    Id No:2094220221
    plz reply me i have no idea about it.tnx and Wassalam

  73. Naseebullah Mohammad usman Says: mother visa is issued and how i came to know how many days it have a time to entre saudi arab and issue date is given below
    visa number:2312381
    Id No:2094220221
    plz reply me i have no idea about it.tnx and Wassalam
    reply me as soon as possible plz

  74. neemkhan Says:

    its great pleased the new that you tell the good information about saudi life.thanks for that……i have one question about ,that i iqma meaning is car penter but me work as a supervisor.can its possible…and i have my own qafeel.i have no company its possible that me vist my family or parents in saudi.thanks for all.well wishes to you .


    deae sir
    i would like to ask you that i want bring my mother sister brother inlaw brothers and my sister children why saudi arabia not issunig visit visa for our brothers and sisters only we can bring wife mother and father why???????????????????????? pls answer me thanks

  76. sanu Says:

    i am sanu n working in saudi as a driver . my iqama holds good proffesion . but i only have pre degree qualification . can i obtain a family visa. please help me on this

  77. noreen Says:

    hi sir, could my husband work for the meantime that he’s here, his visa is just a visit visa, is it not illegal,though it would just be a partime job,until we can get back home after 6months..please answer me, we need an idea..thanks!!!!

  78. yaseer Says:

    What is the salary limit for family visit visa?
    My iqama prof… is general mason.can i get visit visa for my wife?

  79. Ali Says:


    Do you have to pay SR2000 per person or is it for the whole family?

  80. muhammed Says:

    iam working here free lance visa .my profession is laundry labour .iam planing to bring my wife in visiting visa. may I know how I will get visiting visa?

  81. neneng cruz Says:

    Dear mr.khurramshazad,

    I applied visit visa for my husband if I get the visa in the end of this month october then his plan of coming here in the kingdom will on the 3rd week of january 2011.Thus the visa will not be expired or he can still use til on that date. so what to do if the validity date didnt reach to his date of coming here.
    thank you hope you can give feedback soon.

  82. USMAN Says:


    Dear Please Inform me regarding :

    1) Within how many months Family Visit Visa must be stamped after issue.

    2) How many months Valid Family Visit Visa , after Stamping

    Thank you for your kind and immediate reply.


  83. zakriya sherif Says:

    salam .my position in iqama is labour. what should i do to get visit or family visa

  84. Raheemuddin Says:

    I have applied for family application no.2850705 dt.05.01.2011 my ID No.2248347441 sumitted required documents to the Authority till date I could not get the confirmation wether issued or rejected. Please guide me to check the status of my application. Thanks God Bless U and All.Allah Hafez.

  85. saleem Says:

    salam sir i want 2 attestation of marriage certificate brith certificate from saudi ambasy islamabad can u help me.what is dues.

  86. manzoor Says:

    my profession is labour can i bring family on visit visa if not when it will be opened

  87. Adnan Sohail Says:

    AOA Dear Sir,i am fine ,hope you too?
    i am workimg in Saudi Bin Ladin Group (Premco)as a Forman,my basic sellary is 2800 Saudi Rial,but if i add over time into it then total amount will become Approx. 4500 to 4800 SR……….
    I want family visit visa so i will wait your reply

    With Very Best Regards///
    Adnan Sohail (Makkha

  88. jaya Says:

    i m try my friend visit visa but it will not conform i type all field but web page it will temprory stop

  89. salahuddin Says:

    dear sir i am a Canadian Muslim presently residing in Pakistan my is living with family in Riyadh Saudi Arabia i want to visit him along with my family.Previously i visited my brother through mofa online visa service.can i apply for family visit directly with out sponsorship through mofa.

  90. antonio e.remo Says:

    Iam eligible family status in my company,I apply a permanent visa by my co.but disapprove by the ministry due to my iqama is Qc inspector visa my certification of diploma is Nursing and my job as safety supervisor sir can u help me to know why disapprove and let me know how to apply visit visa for my wife

    Thank you and God Bless

  91. khuram Says:

    Sir, my wife and daughter came here as visit visa only and stayed with me for 9 mos.,i would like to know the requirements in applying for a family visa, how much shall i pay, and for how long will it take to get the approval. I need your reply pls.

    Thank you very much.

  92. Philip Says:

    Sir, my wife and daughter came here as visit visa only and stayed with me for 9 mos.,i would like to know the requirements in applying for a family visa, how much shall i pay, and for how long will it take to get the approval. I need your reply pls.

    Thank you very much.

  93. syed shamim Says:

    salam alekum
    i want visit visa for my mother in law the purpose of her visit is for taking care of my wife after her delivery. so kindly plz tell me about how can i apply n any website through which i can apply.thanks

  94. tahir tayyab Says:

    i want get famila visit visa

  95. M. Mohamed, Says:

    I got visit for my daughter and her mother. Daughter want to travel now and mother only after Ramzan. Is it possible to stamp visas at different times as the visa is in one paper.

    2. After stamping visit visas howmany days they can stay in India before journey?

  96. sitti erham Says:

    assalamu alaikum, sir,i am pilino nat.muslim working n hospital moh pls.kindly check visa no.3497361 my id no. 2261482406. hopefully it will respond as soon as pasible insha allah thank you.

  97. rustam Says:

    i am working in riyadh my basic sellery is 3500 SR
    how can bring my wife and my son to here whats procedure for visa
    pls advise me

  98. Md Ali Hussain Khan Says:

    Sir A
    After waiting ican’t apply visit visa for father please give me some idea.

  99. Rakesh Kumar Saini Says:

    hello sir….
    i am a electrical engineer from india .. i want work any other u UAE Company. please teel me the prosses

  100. M Wasim Says:

    i applied my mother visa before hajj but they rejected most probably bcoz of hajj season.
    Now i applied my mother and brother visa, they again rejected i dont know why. Do you know what could be the possible reason of rejection.
    i want to apply again……….

  101. najib ul islam Says:

    I am in Saudi electricity co.I am single,I want to know for my mother visit visa what documents required and also I want to know,do I have right to avail this facility?

  102. vijesh Says:

    i had applied for family visit visa i had completed all the procedure and waiting for visa to come but as i know it was taking long time, is there anyway that i can get it as earlier possible.

  103. ahmed Says:

    i have profession with my iqama is Taylor
    should this profession support for family visa?

  104. ahmed Says:

    i have profession with my iqama is Taylor
    should this profession support for family visit visa?

  105. leah messer Says:

    I am so lazy sometimes, despite the fact that i have been reading your blog for sometime now I have not made a comment til now, just wanted to say im loving it!


    Salam Alaykum,

    Sir my profession is Labor but i am working in my Khusheim company as a Warehouse Manager . I have possible for coming my wife? pls ans me………..

  107. abidmushtaq199 Says:


  108. ashraf mk Says:


  109. jaelyn09 Says:

    hi sir
    my husband and i are working under a MODA hospital here in husband is working as a ward clerk in emergency room but his visa is a nurse with visa as a nurse.we applied in our hospital to bring our 3 year old baby here and the director agreed only if we will shoulder all the this possible for permanent visa or only visit visa? can u pls explain to us the process on application of permanent visa? thanks a lot

  110. izhar Says:

    Dear Khurram,

    I am going to apply for my family visa, and my profession and diploma is same (General Draftman), i arranged all the documents, additionaly i also have BBA digree, so plz advice me should i attach the digree and Secondary and higher secondary certificate or my (2-years) diploma is enough. Further, i did not filled the online form as i just filled a page and got attested from my office so, is it ok or not.

    Waiting for yoru reply


  111. shehzad Says:

    what is the salary limit for family visit visa i am accountant nd getting 1400 SR. my profession on Iqama is Costs Accountant am i able to bring family to kingdom?? Plz reply me as soon as possible.

  112. shehzad Says:

    after changing profession on iqama is there any changes on passport….on my passport there is no any changes nd my old profession is still mentioned there….

  113. Scratch Card Manufacturers Says:

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    […]Family Visit Visa Process « Living and Working in Saudi Arabia[…]…

  114. Noorullah Shaikh Says:

    Dear sir, I am Pakistani,working in Saudi Arabia in a Company as a doctor,but my visa is General AND Heavy Equipment Mechanic.I have certificate, that is attested only by ministry of foreign affairs,also translation by authorised center,but not attested by saudi couslate pakistan.on this certificate i was issues this visa.i have M.B.B.S Degree attested by both mofa and saudi counslate karachi, kindly help and advice me that if i apply for family visit visa or family residence visa,can i get,n will it be accepted?company has allowed to apply. waiting for ur kind and sympathetic reply. if i apply family visit visa now before hajj will be accepted or closed now a days.thanks.

  115. Noorullah Shaikh Says:

    sir,i have already sent question,but may some questions missing,that i have certificate of Royal Trade Test,from overseas& local employment tade test & training center,who have given this general and heavy equpment mechanic certificate.i get basic salary 7000 my both questions n reply please.

  116. Sardar Walidad Abdul Wahab Says:

    Thanks a lot. You have explained the visa procedure simply and cleanly. May God bless you and your family. Can i get visit visa of my real daughter with my wife? I am serving in Royal Saudi Naval Force Jubail with Position (Supervisor Data Control) having salary more than SR: 5K.

  117. qasiar Says:

    Dear Mr Khurrum,

    Please advise me that i got paper from istakdam office and on 7th january i apply to mofa but still now 20th january i have same message that application received on 7th janary only. how many days it will take to get visa insahallah my profession is electrical technican.


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  119. ramdas Says:

    dear sir
    my visa category is finance assistant and am doing my wrk as technician…i need to bring my wife to saudi in visit visa…wat are the procedures and documents required to apply…and kindly let me know is there any regulation of minimum salary…if yes,wat will be d min salary…pls reply…

  120. mehboob Says:

    meray iqama pr malyes(plaster) ka designation hy kya mein apni family ko visit visa pr bula skta hn

  121. Aqil Ali Says:

    Dear khurram
    It wud be very kind of u if u help me out. I hv applied 4 visit visa 4 my wife but there’s no update. What cud be the matter.
    Hopefully waiting 4 ur reply.

  122. Naveed Alam Says:

    dear sir assalam o alekum. I am naveed alam from pakistan living in riyadh.i need faimly visit visa my wife and 5 years professional is sayeq amomi.please how is possible and what a price.thanks

  123. Imran Says:


    I have profession on my Iqama مختزل و طا بع آلة
    Can i get Family Visa Permanent
    Kindly guide me accordingly

  124. Says:


  125. Dheeraj Kumar Says:

    This information is absolutely good one. Can you please tell me the business visit visa process in Saudi Arabia?

  126. Jojo V.Mathews Says:

    I am a house driver… my visa is issued by saudi armco. … so can I bring my family to ksa… plz reply me as soon as possible

  127. susan kannan Says:

    I applied visiting visa for my baby on online its showing they received the request paper.i heard within 3 to 5 days visa status vl be updated on the baby is only 5 months old.but still its showing they received the request paper.its already 5 working days finished.i need to know exactly how many working days it vl take??and if it is rejected how i vl know??
    Plzzzzz reply

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